Why Choose Us?



Bow Wow Resort is committed to provide a safe, healthy and stimulating recreational environment that meets your dog’s physical and social needs. How do we do this? With our team of trained, knowledgeable and caring staff whose mission is to improve the quality of life for both dogs and the owners who love them. We all know how much our furry companions mean to us, and we treat every dog that comes through the door as if they were our own. 



Bow Wow Resort offers a pleasant, fun atmosphere for your furry companion, regardless of whether you require doggy day care or boarding for an extended period of time. We pride ourselves in being a progressive facility providing our guests with "rooms" to give them a “home away from home” feeling. Your dog is able to socialize and exercise throughout the day in one of our seven outdoor yards, or one of our two indoor play areas, all of which provide a clean and safe environment for all sizes. 

Safety First


Bow Wow Resort provides our guests the opportunity to socialize and play in groups for the majority of their stay. It is therefore imperative our staff is able to safely handle and interact with your dog. We are committed to the safety of all involved; therefore dogs play with each other based on size and temperament. Our trained staff is always on hand in the yards to supervise play times, and of course give lots of love, attention, fuss, and belly rubs where needed!!